This is a Re Post from Paul

Comments in Parentheses are my comments to what he says.

This whole constant on-and-off argument over the way my friend Tyler Ty’s Blog handles his blog is spinning out of control. (Because he comments on my blog rudely or spam.) I’m afraid we could end up hating each other over the whole thing, especially when I look at the massive comment I just added to one of his posts about the issue:

May I ask why you do not want me to comment on your blog again? Fine, I get it, I do post stupid crap sometimes, but at least 50% of the time I have a completely justified reason to comment.(Not true)

Additionally, as far as our agreement about you linking when you mention me and I not using your blog for content, you have failed to hold up your end of the contract, so I see no reason for me to hold up my end. (You are a giant liar I have not said your name in my posts since then.)

Please, either link to me as you said you would or delete all mention of me in your blog. I do not care which, I just don’t like phantom mentions. Let me take this moment to remind you that you don’t have to do anything, and neither do I. I could whatever I want within my power, so can you.

I’m trying to be good about this mess, but it seems no matter what I say and I feel I must point out again, I only have ever tried to help, with few exceptions in angry moments you think I am out to get you. (Untrue. You are a bad mind reader)

I’ll stop posting comments that are just fluff, and if you insist, I won’t give advice anymore either. (ITS ABOUT TIME!) If you really don’t want me to, I might even stop complaining about some of the stuff you do. (FINALLY!)

I’m sorry, but the problem is, we both do a lot to each other that the other person doesn’t like. Some of my biggest pet peeves are about style, and your blog just irks me for some of the things you do. (I hate yours too)

Likewise, every time I try to lend a helping hand, you don’t like it. (Because I’d like to post stuff the way I come up with it) I guess the point I’m trying to say here is that I need to toss aside my cares about aesthetics (since it isn’t mine anyhow) and I need to stop trying to give advice since you don’t like to be helped. (From you.)

I think you should at least listen to reason on the last topic, I think it’s more than fair that I’m working to get rid of my problem and yours, instead of just mine. (Oh crap. I just stepped in some bullshiza)

To summarize the whole thing, I’ll put a little list here of what’s happened.

  1. I make a blog, Tyler decides to follow suit and make his own.
  2. Tensions begin to rise as her views my stats, far higher than his. (I don’t care. and untrue I’ve began to get more than you. Such as today.)
  3. I begin commenting on his blog a lot, a bit too much, for sure as I now see. I offer bits of advice on not being too lazy, not putting up spam advertisements, on how you gotta have a good format, and some other stuff. (Which he puts ads on his websites. Thats what I did. Who’s he to judge)
  4. He makes some posts about weird dreams he has, I ask if he randomly thought of the same idea as me, or copied. He said he copied me. (I never said this. as i said before liar.) I asked for credit, he ignored me, didn’t even say no.
  5. I get really mad over something he says to me, and hack into his blog, messing with it somewhat (but also fixing some typos when doing so, a favor in my opinion). I don’t even remember what he did to get me so angry that I’d break my morals. (This is just wrong. Why would you do that if I trusted you.)
  6. He gets extremely mad over that combined with giving advice, as I now know, he really hates getting help (From you only you say things rude alot), and after finding a bug on the WordPress app on his iPod touch, hacks into my blog, posting two spams. (I did not know it would do that. and it was one im almost positive)
  7. We both cool down, and say we’re sorry. (wtf this never happened)
  8. At some point above don’t remember where, we make an agreement to link to each other whenever we mention the other something I was already doing. One link to me on his blog is added. (Why dont you check again idiot)
  9. I add an additional link to his blog on a page made with just links to other sites and such.
  10. I am still commenting advice and some general silliness which he was okay with before, but I guess he wants his comment count to be because of other people, he would prefer me to comment to him directly instead of on his blog, I haven’t learned a lesson. (I was never okay with you commenting and advising)
  11. I begin to use some of his content trying out the “reblog this” feature but always make sure to add extra links to him because of it. I tell him that if he has a problem with this, tell me to stop and I will, he doesn’t tell me to stop. (Yes i did.)
  12. At this point, I feel I should mention, the link to my blog went down, he never linked to me again, despite having several posts mentioning me. (that was before you told me to link to you)
  13. He yells at me for commenting too much (i never yelled at him), I don’t get it because I’d thought he’d be okay with some joking around on his blog especially since most of his posts are a joke (So its time to talk crap now? at least normal people are interested in mine.)
  14. I don’t review the facts about what’s going on, I don’t notice what he means when he’s yelling at me. It’s all one big miss-understanding.
  15. I finally look closely at everything that’s happened, understand the problem, and make one more last-ditch effort to solve the problem. I make the comment above, and afterwords, decide to make this post about the whole thing.
  16. I hope he will read this and by that, I mean actually read it, you’ve always said you never really pay attention, or just skim, (i actually read this) if you do that with what I say, you won’t understand what I’m saying, you’ve always miss-understood me for this reason before, don’t do it now.
  17. If he does read this, one of three things will happen. 1. He will say sorry and accept my apology, add links to me, and we will forget this ever happened. 2. He will accept my apology, not offer one of his own, not link to me, and we will be at an uneasy truce. 3. He will miss-understand me right now, and he will miss-understand so badly that our friendship will be gone. Forever. (Very true. I am honestly questioning our friendship. I have no reason to be friends with him now. notice the title. friendship. this was once bestfriendship. that is no longer it.)