Disneyland might be the happiest place on earth- but if one things sure the rides are amazing! My favorite is Thunder Mountain. This is a must ride! The best ride there! Also the scariest ride there is pitch black and has stars and moons to see only, NOT EVEN SCARY! Space Mountain. This is amazing! The lines though, don’t let them fool you. Space Mountains lines go inside even. They start outside then when you think your done- more lines! Yay. Now my favorite water ride- Splash Mountain. This is not something to wear pants on. Swim trunks only! You will get wet. The drop looks scary but it’s a baby ride! It’s still amazingly fun though! Three or four drops on it the biggest one is the least scariest. It’s not very steep. Pirates of the Caribbean. Fun! There’s a few drops and one you can’t see at all! It’s pitch black! And now It’s a Small World. For those of you that haven’t been there in a few years- it’s time. They have added on to it to make it longer and more fun! The churros there are bomb, the Hungry Bear’s Bacon Cheeseburger = what I live for.