TextFree- Texting for iPhone/iPod!! $5.99 to download then get texting for the rest of the year no charge!

PicFree- Send picture messages to mobile phones from the iPod! Free! $5.99 download

Doodle Jump- Jump on the bars or fall and die! Many themes! Runner than papi jump! .99 download

Pocket God- Torture or be nice to pygmie gods! And play games too! .99 download!

WordPress- update your WordPress blog! FREE DOWNLOAD

TweetDeck- Update Twitter and see your facebook & Twitter social feeds! FREE DOWNLOAD!

Smash 2012- Throw meteors at people building a city! FREE DOWNLOAD! (editor’s note: actual name is Meteor Smash 2012)

Jelly Car 2- Play driving levels with a car that’s extremely jiggly! .99 download!

Music ID- Identify any song through your mic and get lyrics! Or lyrics for songs playing on you iPhone/iPod touch! .99 download!

Google Voice- Search the web with your voice! Using your iPod/iPhone mic! FREE DOWNLOAD! (editor’s note: actual name is Google Mobile) (editor’s note (2): may be referring to Google Voice WEB app, link, requires Google Voice account)