So today I won an award for a raffle at school. I got two raffle tickets free just for being at school for CST’s. I’m listening and BAM!! My number is called! So later on I toto get my reward. It’s a giftcard for carls jr, mcdonalds, subway, and all these other places! I chose starbucks. They have a white paper with pictures of cards printed on it. I told the teacher I’ll take starbucks. When I said that I tried to pick up the card from the paper. I realized I’m stupid, looked up and said “I tried to pick it up.” Very shyly. She replied with “I know I saw” smiling at me. I felt so stupid! I turned to see If anyone behind me noticed luckily they didn’t! I walked out of the ASB room with a smirk on my face and told all my friends!!