I have some of the wierdest dreams. Part one I’m at a baby shower for my nephew who in real life is already here. I’m sitting with some woman and her kid keeps finding potatoes I pick one up then look up. I go to some barn thing and put it there but when I put it there it was a red orange. So I guess it’s just a red. Then I walk to the door and say hi to my brother in law, his dad and his mom. Then out of nowhere I’m in this snow area like it’s a canyon a small canyon though and I’m inside. I’m trying to get to my mom who’s on the other side so I walk across the snow then halfway there I start hopping. I got to mom then I had to go back to get something I forget what I think it was a car though. I know right wierd. Being smart I climb up the wall to avoid falling through the ice. I walk by my brother and slide down back into the canyon. I step on what looks like stead ground. It was a huge piece of flat ice the moved and I slipped and flipped backwards into the water. My mom yells “IS HE ALRIGHT?!?!?!?” I get out of the water and say, “THAT WAS SO FUN! I’M GONNA TRY AGAIN!” and then I start walking to my mom again. And thens where I woke up h